Welcome to the world of Mr. Semmelman! 

Glad Semmeldag! (Happy Semmel day!)

It's that time of the year again! It is time for semla and for “Semmelmans Tema” the beloved hit by Mr. Semmelman! Available in two versions, original and remix. Listen to them on Spotify, Apple Music or any other streaming service. Watch the epic music videos, with flying space semlas, on Youtube! What can be a better soundtrack to the semla season?

About Mr. Semmelman

Mr. Semmelman has since the mid-nineties delivered a massive amount of hit singles and suggestive electronic and electro-acoustic dance music to the world’s clubbers delight. 

Mr. Semmelman have held high chart positions in large parts of the world with number one hits in countries like USA, Germany, Holland, Belgium, UK, Japan, North Korea, Borduria and Saudi Arabia. 

Many of today's great artists often credit Mr. Semmelman as one of their greatest influences and one of the cornerstones of the Swedish music miracle. Avicii and all three ex-members of the Swedish House Mafia have long paid tribute to Mr. Semmelman as the one that got them to start making with music. 

Even the Rolling Stones once said, on a party at a visit to Sweden in the early 2000s, that "if we were an electronic band, we would have sounded just like Mr. Semmelman". It is hard to get any better compliments than that.

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1996 - Massa Massa
1997 - Hårgalåten
1997 - Up on your feet
1997 - Down with the boys
1998 - Zwisch
1998 - 1998 part 1
1999 - Party like it is 1699
1999 - The end of the world?
1999 - A new beginning
1999 - Let loose, let go
1999 - New life part 2
1999 - Y.T.R.A.P
2001 - A lowlife high on life
2001 - ACAD
2003 - Black Friday vs. Black Monday
2003 - 4 to the Flo(o)rida
2003 - Dance the Christmas away
2005 - Mexican sunrise
2006 - Disturbing the war
2007 - Red bikes and red heads
2008 - Blue Easter
2010 - Heavy breathing Turbo Diesel
2012 - Danx
2012 - Danx Part 2 & 3
2016 - Semmelmans Tema (Soundtrack)
2016 - Kling Klang it's Chritmas
2017 - Semmelmans Tema - REMIX


1997- Rent mjöl i påsen
1998- Clean as Snow
1999- Party like it is 1699
2001- Greatst Hits Collextion
2001- High on Live (Live at Budokan, JPN)
2003- A collection of minuets and other danceable songs
2005- Party with your pants on
2006- Axominia
2010- Mr Semmelman’s Greatest Hits
2015- Greater hits